I’ve been gone a while, I know! To be honest, I didn’t have much time to bake over the Christmas holidays because we were so busy traveling. I did bake a little, but it was mostly things I already have in my blog. And while I’ve been gone my baby turned 6 months old!! It’s so hard to believe. He’s been eating cereal for a couple months now and finally is getting the hang of it I think. So I decided it was time to start him on some solid foods. I’ve always wanted to make my own baby food, one because it’s cheaper and two, it really seems easy to do. So I decided that I would start off with carrots. I’ve read not to start off with fruits because babies will tend to prefer sweeter foods more than veggies, but I didn’t want to start off with green foods either. So I thought carrots would be a happy medium. It’s pretty self explanatory how to do this but here are the steps.

Baby Food: Carrots

4 large carrots, peeled, washed, and cut up into small pieces

Steam until tender. Allow to cool.

Puree in a food processor until very smooth. Scrape down the sides to make sure you get all the carrots pureed.

Spoon the pureed carrots into ice cube trays and cover with foil. You can also use these baby food freezer trays. Place in the freezer.

Once frozen, pop the cubes out of the trays and store in freezer bags. Be sure to label them with what’s in the bag and when you made it.

4 large carrots made about 6-7 one oz. servings.

I will probably make more next time, but I wasn’t sure how much it would make. You can thaw the frozen cubes in the fridge overnight and thin with water or cereal/formula/breastmilk combo if needed.

And the result of my first baby food making attempt??

He ate them! He doesn’t look very happy in this picture, but he really did seem to like them. He kept opening his mouth for more every time I would show him the spoon. After a few days of trying carrots, we’ll move on to the sweet potatoes. Everything I’ve read says you should wait a few days in between trying new foods in case one particular food causes an allergic reaction. Something else I learned is that I should probably take his clothes off before feeding him and maybe wear a raincoat! It was so messy and we had carrots on his clothes, the table, and me!

Baby Food: Sweet Potatoes

Thoroughly wash 3 medium sized sweet potatoes. Poke holes all over each potato with a fork. Wrap in foil and place on a baking sheet. Bake at 450 for 1 hour-1 hour 15 min. They should be fork tender. Allow to cool. Remove the skins from the sweet potaotes and discard. Place the potatoes in a food processor and puree until very smooth. Spoon into freezer trays. Once frozen, pop the cubes out of the trays and store in labeled freezer bags.

3 medium sweet potatoes made 12 one oz. servings.