Sweet, Sassy, Southern

September 21, 2009


Drew with Nana, Sept. 2009

Sweet, sassy, southern. I think that pretty much describes my grandma. I’ve talked about Nana before on this blog and how I spent all my summers as a child at her house. Many of the memories I have of her involve food whether it’s shelling peas on her porch, eating ice cold watermelon on newspaper at her kitchen table, making pickles, or waking up in the mornings to her cheesy grits (which were my favorite).

She doesn’t do as much cooking as she used, but she is and will always be one of the main influences for my love of cooking. She could always get in the kitchen and whip up a wonderful meal with anything she had on hand. I always loved her grits, fried corn bread, cobblers, and spaghetti. I hope Drew gets to enjoy some of her cooking one day!

With the holidays coming up, I wanted to post another of my favorite recipes that she makes every Christmas. I do not like fruitcake in the traditional sense but this recipe is so delicious. Give it a try this holiday season! It’s great with coffee on a cold night.

Ice Box Fruitcake

1 box vanilla wafer cookies, crumbled
1 bag of shredded, sweetened coconut
1 large box raisins
1 qt. chopped pecans
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 package candied cherries (maraschino can be used if desired-drain well and cut in half)

Mix all ingredients together in a large mixing bowl. (Using your clean hands to mix works best.) Using a small measuring cup, scoop into quart size freezer bags and press into a 1″ layer. Freeze until hardened. Remove from the freezer and slice into squares when ready to serve. Keep leftovers in freezer.

Makes about 2 1/2 qt bags full.


One Response to “Sweet, Sassy, Southern”

  1. thebrunettebaker Says:

    My mother-in-law makes an Ice Box FruitCake! It’s made with graham cracker crumbs instead and dried fruits like the raisins, figs, dates and nuts. I forget what else but then she rolls the mixture into small logs, chills in refrig. and slice & eat. You’re the only other person I’ve ever heard of who knows about a diff. type of fruitcake. And they are soooo much better that the well known variety, right!? I’d be happy to send our version & you can surprise her.

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