Restaurant Challenge #3: The Warehouse Bistro

September 26, 2008

Wow. That was the first word out of my mouth when I started eating my dinner last night at The Warehouse Bistro. And my first thought was why had we not been to this restaurant before after living here for four years! Yesterday was our wedding anniversary and my husband told me to choose where I wanted to go. I thought about it and decided I wanted to go somewhere new and different. I remembered that two of my co-workers had raved about Warehouse Bistro and I decided that’s where I wanted to go.

What’s interesting about this restaurant is that it’s in a very industrial part of our city. It is in fact an old warehouse, surrounded by other warehouses, that has been converted into a casual fine dining restaurant. The outside still has the resemblance of an unassuming brick warehouse, but once you reach the door you realize it has been transformed on the inside. There is a beautiful candlelit courtyard as you enter the restaurant with iron gates and wrought iron tables. It was a little chilly outside last night so we decided to eat inside, but the courtyard would be perfect in the Spring.

Once you enter the restaurant there are small dining rooms on each side, all dimly lit which gives it a very romantic feeling, perfect for an anniversary dinner. One thing the restaurant prides itself on is their service. And I could definitely see why as soon as we walked in. The entire staff was very attentive and each course was served with perfect timing. One thing I cannot stand at restaurants is when your appetizer, salad, and entree come practically at the same time. It seemed like our waitress kept a close eye on our table so she knew exactly when to bring out our next course.

We ordered the hot shrimp and spinach dip to begin with and then I ordered the mixed greens salad with champagne vinaigrette, dried cherries and toasted pecans. Both were outstanding and everything tasted so fresh! My husband ordered the filet with bernaise sauce and I ordered the pork medallions in a marsala wine and porcini mushroom barola sauce. We both couldn’t stop raving about how good everything was. And something that probably only I as a female would be impressed with was the beautiful presentation of each dish. My favorite thing was the little butterflies made from a single slice of carrot. So pretty! And I still can’t figure out how they made them. : P

I so wanted dessert but couldn’t stop eating my entree so I just didn’t have room for it. But if I had, I would have chosen the velvet chocolate torte with raspberry sauce. That sounded divine. Dinner at The Warehouse Bistro was a great experience and I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone for a special occasion or just a nice dinner out.

Price: $$-$$$

Atmosphere: elegant (but not stuffy)

Reservations required: recommended but not required

Location: Opelika, AL


2 Responses to “Restaurant Challenge #3: The Warehouse Bistro”

  1. Joelen Says:

    Sounds like a fabulous restaurant and happy anniversary!

  2. Eric Says:

    Hands down THE best restaurant in the area.

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