Restaurant Challenge #1-Jimmy’s

June 7, 2008

As I mentioned in my previous post, my husband and I are broadening our culinary experience by trying out all the restaurants in our area that we’ve never been to before. So last night we went to Jimmy’s in historic downtown. Let me preface by saying this wasn’t the first time we’ve been to Jimmy’s but it is the first time we’ve eaten there. The first time we went there was actually not a good experience. As it was explained to us on that first visit, half of the staff had come down with a virus and they were understaffed for the night. We were perfectly okay with waiting a little longer on our dinner until after an hour of waiting we were told that our order had been lost and could they take it again. At that point we were starving and so we left and went to grab dinner somewhere else. I wasn’t impressed.

But since we’re starting on this new venture, I figured we’d give it a second try. Jimmy’s is a pretty small restaurant with about 15 tables or so and a bar at the back. It was dimly lit with candles on the tables which gives the place a feeling of casual elegance. The hostess and wait staff were very attentive when we first came in so I figured at least we would get waited on this time. They start you off with some little corn bread muffins with remoulade that was very tasty and also present you with a pretty extensive wine list. See, these are the times I wish we were “wine people”. Neither of us care for it so we skipped the wine and I just had water. But as a side note, if you live in the area, Jimmy’s is hosting a wine dinner on June 23rd where they’ll serve a five course meal with each course being paired with a different wine. The information is on their website.

I had heard good things about their gumbo so I decided I wanted to start with that and I also wanted to try their shrimp and grits. So I ordered the small plate of shrimp and grits as my entree with a side of fried green tomatoes. My husband, the fish lover, got the grouper Jimmy’s. We didn’t have to wait long for our food to come. The gumbo was AMAZING. I’ve never been a big fan of gumbo but this was great. I could order that for a meal by itself. My shrimp and grits were also delicious, but my favorite thing was the fried green tomatoes. SO good. If you’ve never had this crispy southern dish, you must try them! But only try them if you can get good, crispy ones. If they’re soggy, they’ll ruin the whole dish for you. I was very happy with my dinner choice. My husband on the other hand wasn’t really. His fish was a little tough in the middle and he could only eat about half of it. Not being the type to complain he didn’t bother sending it back.

The owner, Jim, came out and was talking to everyone in the restaurant asking how their dinner was. Surprisingly when he came around to our table, my husband spoke up and told him that his fish was tough and he couldn’t eat it all. The owner offered to make him another dish but he declined. So he asked if we’d like some bread pudding on the house. We accepted his offer and I am SO glad we did. We hadn’t planned on ordering dessert since I was almost stuffed, but this bread pudding was amazing! It was so moist and had the most deliciously sweet sauce on top with just a touch of bourbon. Outstanding. I could’ve licked the plate and had I been at home, I probably would have. : )

We ended our evening walking around downtown and I was very pleased with my meal. My husband said he’d like to try a shrimp po’boy for lunch sometime but wasn’t sure he would want to go back for dinner. Overall, it was a pretty good experience. I’m really glad we decided to give it a second try.

Price: $$

Atmosphere: Casual but elegant

Reservations required: no but accepted


2 Responses to “Restaurant Challenge #1-Jimmy’s”

  1. bethany Says:

    This is a great idea! I love all of the things that you ordered. Yum!

  2. Katie Says:

    Love what you’re doing here. We went to Jimmy’s and I got sick!!! Won’t try that again but most of my friends like it. Oh well!!! I’ll look forward to your upcoming reviews!!!

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