The “Non-Cooking” Food Blog Post

June 5, 2008

You may think that since I have such an interest in cooking (so much that I have a food blog) that I cook every single night of the week. But that’s not true. My husband and I generally eat out about twice a week, normally once for dinner during the week and then either for breakfast or lunch on Sunday. I actually really enjoy taking a little time off from cooking and letting someone else do the work.

As my husband and I were eating at our favorite pizza place this past weekend, I decided that we needed to branch out from the restaurants we eat at regularly. So we are starting on a new venture. We’re aiming to try one new restaurant in our area each week. Now I am guilty of saying “there are nothing but chains in our area”, which for the most part is true. But sometimes I think we just don’t think about all the possibly great restaurants that are tucked away in the little cubby holes of our city. So I’m asking all my friends and co-workers to recommend restaurants they’ve been to and I’m going to make a list of the ones we’ve never been to. This will include everything from fancy schmancy places, little hole-in-the-wall places, and yes, even chains we’ve never visited.

My husband being the picky eater he is will most likely get a cheeseburger or something of the like wherever we go, but I’m going to try and get whatever their specialty item might be, granted it isn’t fish. I’m very excited we’re going to do this and I hope it helps me appreciate some of the less well known restaurants in our little college town.

By the way, I’ll be posting updates about which restaurants we try, what we liked and didn’t like. The first place we’re planning on trying is Jimmy’s in historic downtown. It’s a tiny place that serves southern style Creole and Cajun cuisine. I’ve heard great reviews from my co-workers about the food there so I’m excited to try it.


4 Responses to “The “Non-Cooking” Food Blog Post”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    Ohhh, let me know how you like it! I’ve been wanting to go there, too, but we just never have time to make it. Have you ever eaten at Yellow Hammer?

  2. Lindsay Says:

    I have been a resident of Auburn for 3 years! I love this little town, though. I am both a Nestie and a blogger, ha! DBF and I feel the same way about eating out. The only places we have ever been are the major chain restaurants. And there are so many great little places that we’ve never been to that I would absolutely love to try! Oh, have you ever eaten at Cafe 123 in Historic Downtown? If not, it’s definitely a place that you and DH need to try. Oh, and I’m BeebsBaby7186 on the nest. I usually hang around TIP (I know, I know, hehe!), but I loooove coming to WC. I have gotten SO many amazing recipes, and everyone seems like they are so nice!

  3. Laura Says:

    I’ve been in Auburn for 6 years (but visited all my life because my grandparents lived here) and my husband has lived here for over 20 years and we still fall in the “same old restaraunt” trap. But here’s some recomendations:

    Good Ol Boys – Jeans and t-shirt steak and catfish place. I generally like the steaks, but the Apple Cobbler is amazing. Or they have peach cobbler, too, I think.

    Christopher – Fancy, higher-priced. has their menu. Their food is really amazing.

    Creole Shack – on Shug Jordan. I’m not a huge cajun/creole or seafood fan, but I went with my dad who is. I got the shrimp poboy, and it was good (a little spicy for my taste, but I’m a bit of a wimp)

    Chuck’s BBQ (Opelika) – I really love their barbeque. They aren’t open Sundays, but Saturday’s are buy 1 chopped or chipped sandwich, get one free. Yum. I want to go now, actually.

    Findley’s Eatery – Sandwiches and Salads. Love the Chicken Italians. Located in the Kroger shopping area on Dean (in the corner)

    And two places I haven’t eaten:

    Zazu – fancy – my in-laws went there and they loved it. It’s in the building on 14 that used to be Auburn City Limits

    Warehouse Bistro – my brother’s girlfriend raves about this place. They go there for almost any celebration and for special nights out.

    And in looking through the phone book at the menu pages, there’s a few more places I might like to try. Zoe’s Ice Cream Parlor caught my eye (they have sandwiches and such), and the Chicken Salad Chick come to mind right now.

  4. Laura Says:

    okay, thought of some more….

    Wok and Roll – Opelika. Get on 85 heading toward ATL. Get off at Opelika exit 62 and take a right at the top of the ramp. Less than half a mile away on the right is a log cabin in which is really good food. They have a Chinese menu, Thai menu, American menu, and a Japanese menu, I believe. I’ve only really eaten of the Chinese. DH and I split a Sesame Chicken and Sizzling Rice soup the first time we went and left so full for under 20 dollars. They have live music Friday and Saturday nights (and maybe other nights of the week as well).

    Fuji Sushi Bar and Japanese Cuisine – On S. College between the museum and Best Western. Same strip as Roly Poly, but on the other end. No teppan tables. Particularly good sushi, and their Katsu is fantastic. Menu is in the phonebook.

    Insomnia – Near original Momma G’s on Donahue. American and Mediterranean Cuisine. Menu also in phonebook.

    I’ve heard good things about Cuban Delight near AC Fitness and Hastings on Glenn.

    If you haven’t had breakfast at the BBQ House, you should. I like Bizilia’s paninis. Amsterdam Cafe is alright, but I’ve never been really impressed for the price. Terra Cotta Cafe (only open for lunch – across from fire station and city hall) is amazing. It’s a nice place. Great locations for showers or teas, and especially for girls’ get-togethers.

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