The newest addition to my kitchen

April 4, 2008


I’m very excited to post that I finally got a Le Creuset dutch oven. Yep, there it sits on my counter in all it’s 7.25 qt glory. I’ve been dying to get one for so long but anyone that knows anything about Le Creuset knows that they aren’t cheap. Well my husband got a really good bonus from work last week, which he completely deserved by the way, so I thought it was about time I got this for myself. I mean afterall, I am the wonderful wife that put up with all my husband’s long hours, numerous work phone calls at night and on the weekends, and listened to all the complaints about what wasn’t going right at work. So this is my little “bonus” to myself. Of course my husband will benefit from it too when I whip up some wonderful meals in it. I can’t wait to use it for the first time! Feel free to post recipes that I can make with it.


5 Responses to “The newest addition to my kitchen”

  1. Ally Says:

    Yay Schoonie! That hot number is still on my wish list. And that is the exact size I want! Enjoy it!

  2. Kelsey Says:

    Congratulations on your bonus, Schoonie! Enjoy every last bite of the scrumptious dishes you prepare with your LC!

  3. Richinlove Says:

    I have a name to add to the list of options: Kiki the Creuset

  4. Rachel Says:

    I have that exact same one, color and all! I use it all the time! I just made Chicken Corn Chowder in it. It’s the perfect size. Enjoy it!

  5. […] to post this recipe that I tried a few weeks ago. It was the recipe I chose to christen my new Le Creuset dutch oven. Sorry, but there is no picture. I made this the week our friend borrowed our camera. […]

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